It all begins with
an idea.

Protecting Intellectual Property - Building Innovative Companies - Creating American Jobs

The Medici Portfolio is a patron of innovative companies of our time. Through our patent advisory service, we assist our clients in creating a return on their investment in research and development. We have the expertise and the financial resources to aid our clients in protecting their intellectual property and their products in the marketplace. From start-ups to market leaders, our goal is to help our clients reach the next level.

Medici plays a useful role in the innovation ecosystem. As the White House recently stated, "firms that aggregate and manage patents can play an important intermediary role, bringing value to society by more efficiently matching inventors to patent users in an otherwise illiquid market, and by developing expertise in legitimately protecting patents from infringement."

With our extensive experience and industry knowledge, we connect technology developers with manufacturers. By partnering with Medici, innovative companies can focus on what they do best: think outside the box, achieve breakthroughs, advance technology, and make the world a better place.